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am i okay to use this so i can learn how to make a farming sim

I've been using your sets for a hobby project and I was wondering if you take on any commissions and how much you charge for it. Please let me know.

Is there anymore plans for this series? I would love to have some more monster type characters. Any and all would be appreciated!

Hey there, I would like to chat about purchasing your asset packs. Do you have an email address I could contact you at?

Hey! I really love the style of this!

I bought this set to make a small private farming game on iPad for my kids, and the tiles in this just really go easy on the eyes. Also, I like that this set is just "complete" - there's everything in there that I needed.

Great work, I appreciate the effort!

Hello! Just to let you know that we have used and modified part of your free asset for Godot Wild Jam #57 entry "Reclaim!".

Thanks for sharing your work! We also shared our original designs here along with the modified assets, trying to credit everyone properly. Cheers!

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Great packs. I have purchased all of them at this point. I do have one question however. How come there's no eating, hurt, and dying animations for the animals?? Would it be possible to add them?

Cute assets!

I'm having a problem where when I put part of a building or something down, another part of a different building is placed down with it. I'm using RPGMaker MV and help would be appreciated because this pack is super cool and I'd love to use it.

Cute little farm pack, the muted colors really give this quie a unique look. Love the dedication to this, always nice to see others working on huge series of asset packs.


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Shubi, are you aware someone has made a physical commercial board game with your assets?  Just wanted to make sure you were aware and okay with it!

Shubi said that it can be used with anything so I don't see why not, honestly even if she wasn't okay with it, that doesn't change the license to use these assets that the creator of the board game bought, and if they didn't purchase it from Shubi then thats a different problem, but this was bought with a license stating "This asset pack can be used in any commercial or non commercial project, you may modify the assets as you wish  This asset pack can't be resold or redistributed even if modified" I know that last part might seem like a deal breaker but if you look at what it's saying then you'll realize that's not what's happening, the creater of the board game made their own property using the assets and are well within their right, and licenses cannot be changed after date of purchase as that is what both the buyer and seller agreed upon.

Shubi, I've created an online game with these assets. I would like to commission some more. Can you please reach out to me on Discord? JayBeKay#2405


Can you share discord name please for payment, I cant use paypal in my country.

Are the animals only in front view? Or are there others views?

the animals have 4 directional movement

I hope its ok to share a little video of what I have been doing with the Cozy Farm assets.

CozyFarm Game Preview

This pack is awesome! I'm wondering if it's possible to use it as part of an open source project? I am wondering specifically because the license states that it cannot be redistributed, but for us to develop it in the open we would have to (technically) have the sprites in the github.

If this is something you are open to considering, please give me some way to contact you in private :)

I am Beefy_Swain#0356 on Discord if that works for you.

Hi, I'm also wondering about this issue. Did you get any reply from Shubi?

hello is there any chance that i can pay for it through revolut? Paypal is not an option for me. 


Hi, I have purchased 3 of your packs and I am sure I will be purchasing the rest as my game develops. 

Thanks for these perfect "cozy" assets .

I really need "Cozy caves"  , is there any chance this may happen ?

thanks again!!

If I have bought the full version, am I allowed to use this pack commercially?

According to the page

Complete version license (paying at least $3.99):

This asset pack can be used in any commercial or non commercial project, you may modify the assets as you wish  This asset pack can't be resold or redistributed even if modified


Is this compatible with RPG Maker MV? I'd love to buy this for my farming sim! 

I think there's an error in tiles.png in the full version. There are 2 diagonal path tiles at 64,560 and 96,592 that need to have their parts flipped around. I'd post an image to point them out but they're not in the free version.


Do you do commissions by chance? This art style is PERFECT for my game.


I need a cozy GUI pack!

Now imagine this though a cozy gui pack

Is it against your licensing to retexture/modify items in this asset pack? I do not want to sell it after I am done. I just want a unique look for my game! Thanks!

Your assets are all so beautiful! I'm working on a project right now and they are perfect for what I need. Thank you <3


Are all your assets available in one bundle. I'm working on a game for my 5yr old daughter (or children in general) and came across these. They are exactly what I was looking for.

Hi! I stumbled across your assets and i'm so happy i found them! The assets have so much to offer i'll probably buy all of it:))

Will you do more updates in the future? 

Do the assets have pets? Portraits for the characters?

It all looks so amazing. Thank you!

Good day,  could you, please, tell will you add an ability to pay through credit card in the future?

This might be a dumb question. But does anyone know if this is compatible with RPG Maker MZ?


Hey bro! .. Will you have any bundle or discount at some point?

Hey! Purchased two of your packs immediately once I came across them. Great work. Question... do you mind offering some advice on your dirt/grass/snow tiles? Specifically the bitmask patterns needed? Thanks!

Hey, I saw that you said this asset pack came with a custom font. But all I see are sprites of the days of the week abbreviations and a the numbers 0-59, excluding 20, 30, 40, and 50. I did download the most recent update and I cannot find the font in the pack. Can you please provide a .ttf file for the font? I paid for the full version and am pretty disappointed in the attention to deal with this T_T

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Hey! As you can see in the screenshots the font is meant to make a custom logo!
the sprites you're talking about is a little extra I added to give life to the clock!
this is how the font is described on the page:

  • Logo Background + Custom Font for you to make your own Logo

Hope that helps!

Are you still working on these sprites ?, I need to know if it is worth purchasing or if I should try a different artist. Could use sprites such as planting a seed and picking.

I can't pay paypal can yo add bank account pls

damn looks really cozy 

I have purchased 3 packs so far and love all of them! A pack that would go really well with this pack would be a cooking tile set and I think more monsters could also be another pack!

Hi, I am create a co-op bundle to celebrate World Environment Day, I want invited you to join, all content related with nature and environment can be join, if you are interested you have join in the follow link:

I'm excited and I appreciate your interest and your participation, thank you very much and good luck!

Super cozy!!

I'm having a problem with implementing the assets into RPG Maker MV. Could anybody to let me know how they got the tiles to work correctly?

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