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i can't paid with paypal... im korean

Hello, we have downloaded your material, very beautiful, very exquisite, hope to use in our game, of course, we will mark your name! Thank you very much!

I recommend you to add

8x8 tag, if it is 8x8 size

16x16 tag, if it is 16x16 size

32x32 tag, if it is 32x32 size

I didn't download anything, but I was inspired by the fish. It helped me overcome roadblock when making my own asset pack.

Really great work.

Shubi, I've created an online game with these assets. I would like to commission some more. Can you please reach out to me on Discord? JayBeKay#2405

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cozy town does

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Unbelievable job, it helped me a lot in this project, appreciate it when you have time<3)

do the fishes have animations?

I love these assets but I have a problem... the sand/grass mix in this pack does not match up with the grass in the other packs . specifically, I can not use this with spring or summer grass in the farm pack.

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I'm working on this game using your assets, I bought the license because your work is amazing.

Fishing Mania

Wonderful pack to compliment your other works. I'd love to see a small fishing boat at some point. ;)

Can you enable buying with a card? Paypal stole my money so I don't use them

Its amazing work! Are you planning to add wave effect sprite in water?

Thanks for sharing this tileset. I used it to create Fish fight Back.

Hello, I'm trying to purchase your entire bundle but Paypal isn't working for me. Please allow for a different payment :)

Absolutely great assett pack. I have brought this pack and the people's pack, both top quality 2d art and couldn't recommend enough. Would love to see a UI pack. Currently in the midst of finishing my project and will send to you if you'd like to see some of your assetts in action! 



Did Stardew valley used this assets? or was this based of the stardew valley fish assets?


Hey! While stardew valley is one of my favorite games, the fish aren't based on those sprites but drawn based on pictures of real fish! 

How can we get the fishing animation with the line sitting in the water.

Hey, can you add other payment methods? Paypal is not enabled in our region.


Hey, I just used your awesome pack to create a puzzle game about cleaning up an island for #seajam game jam.
Thank you very much for your work, here the link to the game if you want to check it out :


I don't really need this one now, but i'm still purchasing!
Always loved your art style, always will for sure, so i will keep supporting!
Can't wait to see more from you, Cozy Forest? Cozy Snowville? what's next!? whichever you come up with, i'm probably going to be there supporting, thanks for this!


You're so sweet! Comments like this mean a lot. How about Cozy Exterior? :)

Sounds Cozysome to me +0+ !

nice packs, are you planning to update this asset?

No planned updates for now, but maybe I'll add to it in the future!

Your stuff is so amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Thanks for saying that!

Hi, I love your packs! Do you have a patreon, by chance?

Thank you, I am considering to start one!


El arte esta muy bien, pero es una lastima que la versión gratuita tenga tan poco y aún así no se pueda usar en proyectos comerciales.

Pues compralo, el precio versus la calidad y cosas de lo que obtienes es radicalmente conveniente, me sorprende que a alguien le duela pagar 4$ por algo tan completo como lo es éste pack, y para colmo, pasas a dar un comentario en español, siendo que claramente el autor no habla el idioma, es casi hasta insultante y carente de logica.



This set looks lovely. One question. Does the ocean animate? Like waves hitting the beach kind of animation. 


Thank you! No it's not animated, but definitely a good starting point if you'd like to animate it yourself.


Challenge accepted :)

Can't wait to see it!

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Thank you for your hard work. What is the next development plan? Can the next package consider catching bugs in the mountains?

Currently I have 2 packs planned. One of them features some bugs, no mountains tho!

Looking forward to new works

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That is incredibly beautiful. Do you think is it possible to add characters in fishing/net capturing positions? I won't mind paying for it as an extra add-on for this pack.

Hey! Cozy People has a fishing animation, I just uploaded the dev blog for it! Not sure if I will include a fishing net animation.

Add the fishing net, please, pretty pleeeeease, yes?!

your work is amazing

Thank you!