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thank you, I credit for your assets, your art is so cool, i'm happy to use this assets on my game, thank you!

hi @shubibubi! love the pack

do you do custom commissions?

Thank you

Thank you


Can you enable buying with a card? Paypal stole my money so I don't use them

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Will you be adding shake animations to the trees? like the ones in the farm pack?
It would also be cool for trees to have a dead/winter sprite for each tree variation ^^
Edit: I see that the winter versions are in the winter pack =]

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Hello shubibubi I enjoy your work here on this tileset, you mention that the trees come in 32x32 but I checked the shadow version, and the shadows get cropped, shadows of trees don't fit in 32x32 :(


do you think it would be ever possible to port your tilesets to RPGM VX format? also, i loved this! will surely purchase this one too!

Hi shubibubi, ty for this nature pack!


Hi shubibubi! Love your work and would like to support you on Patreon as I'm sure others would as well. Any plans for making a one so I can throw money on there at you every month?


I had to purchase all  of your Cozy packs . Can you tell me how much you will update in future

If I have updates planned you can find them under "planned updates". I might go in and improve sprites/ add things anyway tho.

Hi Shibibubi, great work on this pack as always!

I know you've allowed past asset packs to be used in commercial projects. I was wondering if there was a misprint on the text about the allowed usage for the complete version?

The text describing the allowed usages for the free version and complete version are pretty much the same thing.

Thanks for pointing that out! Copy pasted the wrong thing, it's fixed now!

Awesome. Just purchased. Looking forward to checking everything out!

No way, this is EXACTLY the add-on I needed. So getting this ASAP, my forest is gonna look superb! 

Happy to hear!

This looks awesome!

Thank you!