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Is there any other way where I can pay?

it wont let me pay lemme cashapp you PLEASE. I NEED IT 


I recommend you to add

8x8 tag, if it is 8x8 size

16x16 tag, if it is 16x16 size

32x32 tag, if it is 32x32 size

Hey, wanted to drop a note that the beds.png file has some issues with it.
Different colors of the same bed have different heights, a few beds are missing the coloring on the sheet area and one of the beds has some kind of side-shadow. Haven't looked over the entire image; that's just what I see on the top-left.
Put that and the beds_shadow.png file on top of each other and switch between them and you'll see the difference.
beds_shadow.png seems to be fine from what I can tell so far.

Great pack, thank you for making it! ^_^

Hi. Im using these assets in my game. Is there a good way to contact you? I'd love to commission some more work to fill in a few blank spots I need. 

Can I use these assets (full version) in my game which I am going to sell publicly? 

Thank you

Shubi, I've created an online game with these assets. I would like to commission some more. Can you please reach out to me on Discord? JayBeKay#2405

this looks great! :D

Looks good!

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 I can't find the flooring files anywhere. 

Deleted 147 days ago

hi! they are right under the wallpapers, hope that helps.

Thank youuuuuuu!

Hi! I can't use paypal in my country , Can you please share discord id or something for communicate? please

Hello! Thank you for this amazing pack (: I was wondering if there was any kind of tutorial in how to assemble stuff, I'm having a bit of trouble assembling a bed in a side perspective in unity.


Does anybody have the paid version because they really made the free version ASS

what do you recommend we use them in?

Very cool, very cute. I'm excited!

Could you accept credit card? PayPal is not really an option for me...

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I'm most likely doing something wrong but I can't seem to align objects to the middle of surfaces (as presented in examples such as a bowl of fruit on the counter) since the graphics are at the bottom of the tile. Do you have any advice for this? I'm new to tile based games

I've managed to make it work with tileset/tilemap settings to be to 4 instead of 16 but I don't know if this is how it was intended to be used. 

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Hey! No you're not doing anything wrong, the surface would have to go into a second tile so it would have to be 16x32 for that to work, or the decorations would have to be placed in the middle of 16x32. To set the grid to a small number is what I would do too! But you could also offset the grid on the y axis.

Yeah, so I'm using Tiler (I saw your note about GM2 and tried that out for a minute with the tilesets) but I don't know how to go about doing 16x32 and offsetting etc I might be better off doing 4x4 lol


Would you maybe consider a cozy city or cozy town pack? i've figured things out a it and i love the aesthetic of these assets!


Hey there! Cozy Town is now available :)

heyy I have bought the full asset pack but i cannot find the pets ( the cat and yorkie). I checked all folders but stil cannot find them

Hey! In the folder called "pets" you will find two PNGs called Yorkie animation and cat animation, those are the sheets with all their animations.
The sub folders are called "yorkie" and "cat" and feature pre animated gif files.

I think i didnt find them because i bought the pack more than 2 months ago and i saw that the pets came with the update haha sorry bout that

Hello, if I buy the complete version can I use it for art commissions (so selling a complete piece of art, not the tyleset)? Also if yes, would you require credits? Thanks

your style is very pleasing to the eye and very cute, bought your farm and interior assets and i cant wait to use them for my game. thank you!

If you are revising your packs, could you start including a version number in the main zip filename? Thanks!

i can't seem to find the mirror like your image above. 

Hi. Do you have images saved separately in PNGs too ( not just inside atlas)? Or do you have some map.txt file to import whole pack into some game engine (unity) correctly? Thx :)


Does this have stairs?

No sorry! But good suggestion I'll make sure to write that down!


Any chance of including industrial/factory and hospital interiors?

"cozy" interior

Hello, I suggest putting the "Cozy People Asset Pack" characters into the new related life animations (sleeping, eating, cooking, bathing, sitting, cleaning, etc.), and also consider adding the new "dog and cat" pet animations, what do you think?

Feels kind of incomplete without doors. I just need doors for this to make it whole.....

Hi! Sorry to write again, but I have a little bug to report.

In the 16x16 tileset folder, specifically in the bathroom tiles, the last line containing the bathtubs can't be used in the grid, because they aren't properly aligned. Since the rest of the tiles follow the grid, I presume this to be a mistake.

I'm also intenterested to know if the cat and dog in the screenshots will be released in the future in this or another pack.

Thank you! I'm only starting to make my house, but so far I'm very pleased with the quality. 

Thanks for letting me now, I'll adjust those with the next upodates!

I am unable to download the assets, do you know why that may be? it is the same for your cozy people assets as well but I have been able to download the farm ones. There just doesn't appear to be a button to download them. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Hey! I'm having updates tomorrow on both packs, that's why!

Glad I seen ur comments. I was thinking I was gonna have to comment about that myself...

Good to hear there's an update πŸ˜ƒ

Hi there! Do you know an ETA? Id love to buy the pack asap! :3 Apologies for the inconvenience!! 

thank you so much!!!

Hi. May I know is this a game or? Hope to play this! So cute! πŸ₯° 

this is a graphics set to make your own game

Can I use the free version for a game that i am not selling to the public?

What is the recommended tile size for the windows/curtains? I'm getting some weird cross over between the tiles when using 16x16 px

Oh, sorry about that. It only happens with the curtains?

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I have run into same issue. The curtains that are on the rods, the bare rods, and the pull shades don't fit in a 16 px cell.

Are you using the PNG directly as a tile sheet with a 16x16 grid? Do you run into issues when using the toilet paper/ perfumes? Because I just had a look and I think it's because some of the sprites are 1 pixel apart to save space.

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Yes, using png tilesheet. Here is a screenshot. You can see curtains at the top fitting in the grid nicely, but not the ones with rods. I also found this morning that a (single)bed I used from the one of the other tilesheets has a sliver of the next bed to the right of it on the sheet.

Okay, thanks for letting me know. I will include an extra folder called 16x16 today where everything will follow the grid. 
I leave the other folders in for the people that want it more condensed and sort sprites to their liking.

by the way will the paid version of the pack get updates for free?

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Yes, if I decide to update this pack it will be free. But as you can see there are no "planned updates" listed for now.

Okay sorry figured i would ask.. just out of curiosity..again sorry 

no need to apologize!


Your style is great. If I were a professional dev I'd hire you in a heartbeat.

I wish every piece of furniture were in 4 directions. Even if it meant fewer furniture as I understand it's a lot of work.

Anyway, thanks a lot ! I can't wait for your next pack !


I agree, this is the only thing that stops me from buying

Another of your asset sets I plan to make use of, I will make sure to compensate you properly for your efforts when I download them for my next project. I have no idea how you put out such high quality work in this quantity. 


Thank you so much! I try to have my asset packs in a price range that is affordable to give younger people a chance at game dev too.
Granted this pack took me a bit longer to finish but I wanted to make sure most items needed are covered for a cohesive look.

 Tips are always appreciated and comments like yours surely make my day, so thanks again!


Thanks for creating these awesome art assets. I will probably use a lot of the art in my game.

This Asset and the othr Cozy one are awesome πŸ˜€

Keep on being awesome πŸ˜‹.

And thank you for leaving such a nice comment!

This is charming! Amazing work!


Looks good like farming. Can we expect NPCs also to make it complete?

Yes I'm currently working on character sprites!

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