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Just bought this and the cozy interior packs. Can't wait to use them in my next project!


any more updates planned for this? would love to see idle, run, swimming, rafting!

but can you download the asset on your phone or is it only for PC?


Hi, do you plan adding idle animations? Thanks for the great asset!

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I buy it! your art is so amazing thank you!

Amazing work I love all of this and huge inspiration for my work! Take care


I'm a begginer and I purchased this assets pack. How do I build a character from the different parts? on what platform? 

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Is it possible to get drinking, eating and sitting animations for these characters? If it would cost extra I'm happy to discuss the price

Discord: baldiniegor


I'd like to buy your assets but don't have paypal, can you add credit card? Thanks in advance

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What do you mean by "HOE FR: 200;150;200;200;200" in the info text file?

How is that supposed to be setup in Unity?

Thank you <3

Hello, will there be any sales(discount) or bundles in the future?

Can I use this in a game jam?

Hello, it appears that the shoe sprite for pickaxe animation UP are missing the 5th frame.  Is this normal?

My discord: Brad#5464


Is there a tool to efficiently build a packed sheet with the parts?

Shubi, I've created an online game with these assets. I would like to commission some more. Can you please reach out to me on Discord? JayBeKay#2405

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This pack is adorable and I love it!

I'd like to discuss commissioning a character to match this pack, if you are still accepting requests.

I saw you mentioned below to leave your Discord, so please message me at Fluxistence#5915 when you can. Thank you!

Love this assets!! Can you create pixel character by request? how may i contact for business purpose? my discord is JotaEmePM#1196

Hello, I liked your work and I want to use it in a college project to finish my course. Can I use it? I will mention you for the sprites that I use. Thanks!

Hi! thinking about buying the pack but I live in Turkey so I cant use Paypal.

How can I buy this package?

Very nice thank yo

Is there an idle animation to this? Would be great to have one.


Just bought the asset!

How can I put them together? The generation tool doesn't work ;(



Hey! thinking about buying the pack, how can I make the characters?

Here we go!

How did you get that to work with this asset pack? Seems like it was designed for another pack.

Hey, I couldn't get it to work, I thought it was just me, but you are right.

Heyo! Did you find a good solution as to how to put them together? I'm still working with a blank character 'cause I couldn't figure out how to assemble them, haha.

I didn't except using asprite or photoshop to put them on top of each other. 

Hello! Thank you for creating such a cool asset. I love all the characters but I am having a lot of trouble with how to assemble them. Does anyone have a good tutorial of how to actually make the characters without doing each and every body part? I would really appreciate any response or idea of where to go. Attempting to make a game for a friend. Please let me know!


My friend sent me this video, I found it very helpful!


bought to buy and then redistibute it


I am joking

Hi, just bought the pack. What tool do you use to build the character and get the tileset for a fully dressed up character? Wouldn't the clothing layers hide the tools for the tooled animations (with axe, hoe, etc).  

For those asking about idle animations.  Just copy the first frames from a different animation.

can you make a roll animation next?

 how many frames are there?

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Just brought pack, which sprite do I use for planting seeds ?, seems to be the one of the two missing animations which is required for farming. Missing planting and idle sprites.

hey! you could just use the "pick up" animation backwards for placing items and seeds. hope that helps!

For idle I used the first frame of a different animation, then copied it.  I then copied the eyes and changed them to blink.

Hi, can you create pixel character by request? how may i contact for business purpose? 

Do these work well with RPGmaker?


Hi, could you please make a quick demonstration video of how to set these character sprites up?

I'm doing it in Aseprite, but I don't think I'm doing it right as it feels a bit cumbersome.

RPG Maker MV is compatible with this asset?

Can you add bank account? pls

That would be really helpful


can you give me full version free pliess?
i dont hath card to buy


Is this compatible with RPGMaker?

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